List of Crowdfunding Platforms

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Crowdfunding is becoming very popular today. Many of the people who would have never been noticed otherwise are now building up a following largely as a consequence of their skill with crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is helping to create a culture in which people actually get the chance to see the media that they wanted to get produced in the first place, so it is instrumental in helping the consumers as well as the producers. Producers aren’t dictating to customers want they want as a result of the crowdfunding model. Thanks to the crowdfunding model, people can fund the projects that they want to help get off the ground, and they will get the chance to see their preferred media released into the world. The long list of crowdfunding platforms is helping to make this situation possible.


In many cases, crowdfunding platforms will vary according to the specific nature of the product that they’re funding in the first place. Crowdrise, for instance, is all about funding charitable causes and projects. Many people have causes that are dear to their hearts, and they were simply never able to get them off the ground before the rise of crowdfunding. Other people would happily support certain political and social causes, but they’re never really given the opportunity to do so. Crowdrise is a crowdfunding platform that can change all of that.

Of course, the crowdfunding platform that many people are going to recognize immediately is going to be Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that people should use in order to fund creative projects. Lots of writers will fund their books that way, making sure they have an audience for their books before they even really start them. Some musicians will fund their albums that way, in some cases choosing a service like Kickstarter instead of signing on to a record label. Some people will even fund series of YouTube videos on Kickstarter, since videos are still creative projects. They will manage to fund these projects through donations from any of the fans that they will have.

Indiegogo is also a crowdfunding platform that involves donations, but it has a much broader focus than Kickstarter. People can fund their personal finance campaigns on Indiegogo as well, in addition to charitable projects. The only things people can’t fund on this website, in many cases, will be their investment projects. Naturally, there are plenty of other platforms for those, but people are going to have to look elsewhere for them. Crowdfunder is the place to go for investments.


People should be able to fund almost any project through crowdfunding these days. The options for crowdfunding have exploded in recent years, and ambitious individuals should be able to get almost anything off the ground as long as they’re familiar with the right crowdfunding websites. Having an established following beforehand is essential for the people who actually want to really get their projects off the ground, but people from all walks of life can be successful thanks to the plethora of crowdfunding platforms.

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How do Art Groups work and what are they? 

Jul 30, 2015 by


At some point in your life, you must have heard of an art group and then you asked yourself how do art groups work and what are they? Though many people have never been able to comprehend what an art group is but the truth of the matter is that is just as the words sound. Yes, it simply means a group of artist working or an association of artists working or living together in this case, communally. Therefore, you must be wondering why they are working in a group. The purpose behind working in a group is simply to facilitate the creation of art, either one belonging to an individual, or the collective. In most cases, you will find that established artists form these art groups. However, in recent pasts, you will notice that there have been a number of art groups being formed by not well-known artists. The good thing about this is that they have managed to pool their inadequate resources towards the collective goal, which is a good thing towards nurturing talents. So, if that is the case, how exactly does these art groups work.

How work groups work

art classes_linda mccoy art studio_clovis ca_IMG_4025BMany people’s knowledge concerning these art groups is the tip of the iceberg. Meaning what most people know about these groups is only a small percentage of their work and how they operate. First, it is important to realize that art is made up of many elements. This means that an individual can perfect in one of a few of these elements. However, in these art groups you will find individuals who have just begun to explore ink and watercolors as well as drawing or painting. On the other hand, you will get intermediate to advanced student artists craving to improve their work. This means that they will need the support of a person with special expertise that enables them to optimize their skills. For that reason, it is right to say that art groups work by bringing diverse people of different skills together so that they can exchange ideas as well as help each other improve in matters related to art. In this case, you will find participants contributing and deliberating on different art projects from different individuals with an aim of Art_Classes_1-300x225enabling them to hone their skills. Afterwards, these groups organize art fairs for both amateur and professional local artists to show and sell their work. They are simply platforms for people with useful skills to work with other artist to make it happen. This means that anybody can join and be part of any art group.

After a certain period of time art groups organize displays, art and craft fairs and parties where the artists can sell their work as well as network with other individuals. In the end, you will find that these art groups are instrumental in building stronger local communities. Many of these groups are always open to having new artist and that is why they are becoming popular day by day. Their aim is to add and improve new artist and their work.

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